The End of Your Life is Ahead – Free Delivery!

The phony GMO debate that has progressively divided public opinion is so blatantly bogus that one wonders why the masses of today’s “highly educated and informed” society have either tacitly morphed into droopy sheeple or have fallen prey to a false dilemma. There is actually a third – albeit dwindling group of people who seriously believe that Nature called for human engineering in order to improve on it. The sheeple group is prevailing, it’s those who frequently trip over their own shoelaces while texting and they are so enamored with reporting to Facebook, the culture-bending News that they are sipping a Latte at Starbucks – that they are oblivious to what Food goes into their body. The smartphone is their umbilical and no real living friends at a table can divert their attention from their cyberfriends on that flatscreen. One comment to a web article reflects the Zeitgeist: “Toxic Food, so what? My friends are more important to me than my worry about what I’m eating.”


The false dichotomy group directs the whole discourse to the question: “should you eat genetically modified – or organic Food”? That question is a fallacy ipso facto and shows a great portion of ignorance as it deflects from the real issue that GMO was not designed by Michelin-starred gourmet chefs – but by military strategists and depopulation agents. So one should ask instead: what and for whom was GMO deliberated for, and why?

Are we actually asking a question which is preceded by the answer we have already created to our liking?

Well, it goes like this: if you want to deny the existence of God, You’ll ask: “Is there a God?” While the Bible is replete on that – if you don’t want to believe that God exists – you will not read the Bible. So you know you are right because for you there is no evidence. So then what will be the basis of your contention? Well right, it’s whatever you decide is a suitable belief that fits your lifestyle. There is no more absolute standard of truth and your truth is what you decide suits your intellect. In order to win the argument, you’ll process all information that goes in the fold of your chosen belief and memorize it as the truth, and every piece of news that contradicts your truth, your memory will dump it as false.

That is a simple explanation why we have become so polarized and radicalized in our opinions. We only know black and white and have all but foreclosed on the rainbow color spectrum when it comes to public opinion and discourse, and that of course is purposely engineered that way. Why do you think the US is so adamantly protecting its utterly dysfunctional two party systems? The answer is this: it funnels the people into digital thinking, it’s either this or that, no if’s or but’s. In backing up this statement you can verify every single day when you watch any debate on TV about anything, the interviewer or show host will never give you a rainbow option, it’s all black or white, such as: “you do agree though, that…?” It’s the same with the printed mainstream Media; you are either for it or against it. Facebook has taken this a step further, you can only “Like”, but you cannot “Dislike” anything. What a shameless coercion and deception of public opinion; it’s akin to elections in Syria or North Korea where there is only one candidate in a previously fumigated field of opponents. No wonder the mainstream media “Likes” Facebook so much that they link all their fake news to it for you to “Like”, which makes it by definition the Fakebook.

The irony is that Facebook and Twitter have been hyped to be the instruments of choice for voicing public opinion capable of effecting social change, while the networked public at large is totally apathetic to the rampant abuse of power by the Feds, the White House, Capitol Hill and the Pentagon; and indifferent to exploitation by Global Corporations. On the other hand if you are old enough to remember the pre-Internet era of the 70’s and 80’s, you know how people took to the streets in America and made their needs audible and visible and politicians took notice. The young attorney Ralph Nader became distressed by the indifference of American corporations to the global consequences of their actions, and he began to speak out against the abuse of corporate power. It’s because of his activism that the Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Freedom of Information Act and the Consumer Product Safety Commission were created. Sadly though, these institutions have since deteriorated while being hijacked by Wall Street corporations.

So were have the Activist movements gone today? To answer this we have to recall that the NSA, CIA, DHS and their collaborators overseas know every single move you are about to make, because their supercomputers have a predictability profile of you. Your posts on the social media like Facebook are censored like the STASI did in East Germany prior to the fall of the wall. And finally, as Fakebook does not allow you to “Dislike” anything, your real opinion is being mutilated, corrupted and aborted. Isn’t it interesting that their alleged 1 billion plus users are willingly succumbing to this coercion? In light of this fact, we have to wonder what severity of event will have to occur in order to mobilize the masses today.

While the Internet may have contributed in turning active Individuals into droopy sheeple, it has not caused them. The real roots of this development date back to 1776 Germany, where Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati said this about the envisioned One World Government:

“We must begin by destroying all Religion, all civil society, and finish by the destruction of all [private] property.”

He indeed went straight to work at it. By the dawn of the public domain called Internet, a new generation of theism-cleansed, secular Humanism indoctrinated kids entered the workplace and their view of life was radically different from that of earlier generations, in accordance with the vision of John J. Dunphy’s, A New Religion For A New Age, in The Humanist, January/February 1983 edition:

“I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly view their role as the proselytizers of a new faith… The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and the new; the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of Humanism…”

That statement was the logical progression from the words of the then Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) Brock Chislholm in the February 1946 issue of Psychiatry:

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas….the goal being a world government with its citizens having been brainwashed out of their patriotism, family traditions, religious values and teachings….some opponents of Humanism have accused us of wishing to overthrow the traditional Christian family. They are right. That is exactly what we intend to do.”

The results of such mass indoctrination at public schools are clearly evident in our society. Whenever a discussion leads to, for example, morality or ethics, the Humanist will be quick to denigrate your standpoint as “religious” and therefore you are a heretic in their view. Notice, they will never use a neutral term like calling you are a Believer, they will always resort to the charged term “religious”, because that implies dogma and hence it invalidates your argument.

One of the devastating effects of the utterly rootless Humanistic believes where there is no more absolute truth or moral, is that the society believes in the lies of CNN more than it believes in the Word of God, and because these lies are repeated and syndicated ad nauseum, they eventually become the truth.

Now then it appears that Facebook has become the de facto Humanist’s Bible. As they have replaced God with the self, they lack their anchor; the absolute divine moral directions are abandoned, so they are in constant search for a manmade Idol, so they can locate their “Self” position in society. The CIA immediately recognized Facebook as an unprecedented instrument to manipulate and control the masses, when they were the real inventor and funding source of Facebook. You can watch the CIA director ridiculing people’s urge to proactively disclose every detail about their personal lives.

Evidently, the unhinging of God from the US and European societies took place over 200 years before the dawn of the Internet, just as Adam Weishaupt intended. While the Europeans are mostly “paper Christians” only, the US populace has been deluded into firmly believing they are a Christian nation, since it is evidenced on the One Dollar bill: “IN GOD WE TRUST”, even though that god is not (and never was) the God of Abraham but the deity of the Illuminati, the Egyptian god Horus, who’s Eye never sleeps. The Latin text means: “Announcing the Birth of a New Secular Order.” That word “seclorum” alone is evidence that the god in “which we trust” is a pagan one. Also the “MDCCLXXVI” at the bottom of the pyramid is falsely attributed to the date of Independence, but not so, it is the foundation date of Weishaupt’s Illuminati. So several generations of Americans were exposed to the New World Order every time they used a Dollar and no one ever asked: what does it mean!


A powerful method and universal tool to manipulate and control the society had to be devised for the New World Order architects, the Illuminati, and with one of their own, then President Roosevelt they impressed their seal onto the Treasury Departments 1 $ bill in 1935. It is startling that ever since, anyone handling a dollar bill is being made aware of what is coming, yet up to today no one took any notice!

In order to embody the NWO, a new method of discourse had to be used that would give people the illusion that the Illuminati were just responding to a problem, when in fact they were the originator of the problem. This method is known as Hegelian Dialectic, named after its originator, German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831). The dialectic process as described by Hegel can be reduced to three parts: a recursive pattern of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The thesis (a problem) is opposed by its antithesis (a proposed solution) and reconciled with the problem in a synthesis (compromise), which in turn becomes a restated problem opposed by a revised solution and a new consensus. Since every synthesis is the thesis of a new dialectic, social change is guaranteed. The process continues until society reaches the Absolute Idea: the ultimate compromise to which there is no more proposed solution. Et voilà, Hegemony has arrived! A popular example of the “Absolute Idea” is “global warming” aka “climate change” (the created problem statement after the action has already been ratified), where the goal is to curtail liberties and advance the depopulation agenda by a slew of undisclosed or repudiated experiments on the unaware population, such as high power electromagnetic radiation and spraying the sky with secret chemicals, commonly known as Chemtrails.

Another sinister Absolute Idea is the embodiment of the age old realization, that Food is the ultimate Weapon to gain Control of the Population and whoever controls the Food – controls the World. In order to seize this opportunity, a problem had to be artificially created, so that the solution – GMO – could be offered. GMO was never an accidental discovery of some rogue scientists, no, it was intentionally devised to constitute the core tool of Hegemony for the Illuminati / Bilderberg New World Order visionaries – their stealth Weapon to effect radical curtailment of World Population, to oust God and His Earthly Followers forever and brainwash the remaining useless Eaters into worshipping science as the ultimate truth. The ruling scientific paradigm will be created and covertly governed by Rothschild money and disseminated through Illuminati system agents. That is indeed the vision of the founders. Adam Weishaupt said:

            “Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed  mystery.”

This clearly shows that the popular debate over labeling GMO Food, its health effects, its comparison to organic produce – is a mere engineered false dilemma, to divert your attention from the real issue. As long as you waving signs and banners in front of Whole Foods stores – you have no time to attend to the real problem, you are attending to the effect while ignoring the cause. Then what is the real problem?

If you are not a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, if you are lower than 33rd degree Freemason and not a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, or the Skull and Bones, and not a close relative or servant of one of them – then you are either a useful Idiot for the above mentioned Elite, or you are a useless Eater. No matter how many Tweets you send and how many synthetic Friends you boast to have on Facebook – you cannot change your status. If you qualify as the latter, your name is on the designated GMO customer list. Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta, Dow, BASF and Bayer are engineering Food-like toxins exclusively for you, not for their masters. Because the latter have decided and announced publicly, that the world is overpopulated and at least 90% have to go. The founder of CNN, Ted Turner said it:

“Right Now there are just way too many people on the planet. A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels would be ideal.”

He then backed up his statement and donated $ 1 Billion to the United Nations to make it happen fast.

The sole purpose of GMO is Population Control and Reduction, ultimate Control over the Global Food supply, who will eat and who will starve, plain and simple, no other reason. Rest assured, the architects of the New World Order don’t eat GMO, because they want to live a long healthy and wealthy life – once the 7 Billion or so useless Eaters are eliminated. The Nation or Institution that owns the Food – controls the World without the need of an Army and that is exactly why Nation and Corporation have to merge and the result is Fascism pure! They don’t need Guns; their Weapons are Chemicals which the Consumers mistakenly eat for Food!

Now obviously the real plan to monopolize the World Food supply had to be concealed, therefore a non-existing problem had to be created – for which the solution would then be offered. Although there was, and still is, enough Food supply in the World to feed a growing Population (the real problem was, and is, the distribution of Food). The made-up problem: impending Food shortages. This lie has been propagated by the Media and repeated ad nauseum until the lie is now the daily news consumer’s truth. This shows that if there would be real journalism, the Hegelian Dialectic couldn’t work, because investigative journalism would expose the lies. The proven effective way to silence journalists was the consolidation of all the Media under Rockefeller – Rothschild control via Wall Street, and that explains why all the mainstream Media (MSM) broadcast the same identical lies by omission, distortion and outright fabrication of “News”. Any reporting on events that is not corroborated by the MSM is rebuked and ridiculed as “conspiracy theory”.

So the Hegelian antithesis to the (invented) Food shortage – preceded the broadcasting of the non-existing “problem” and the answer of course was the existing GMO. The ability of scientists to identify and “splice” genes from one kind of organism into the DNA of another was already known in the 1950’s. Calgene’s Flavr Savr tomato of 1992 was the first GMO Food and the first crop failure and consumer disaster; but that didn’t stop Monsanto from taking the company over and turning the whole GMO business into a secretive, patent-, litigation- and corruption-dependent business that it is today.


“What you are seeing is not just a consolidation of seed companies; it’s really a consolidation of the entire food chain!”

Robert Fraley, co-president of Monsanto‘s agricultural sector 1996, Quoted in: Flint Journal (1998).

Without the active support of governments and their corrupted agents, it would be impossible for Monsanto to amass such staggering power and conduct their business with such arrogance and utter disregard of human health.

           “People will have Roundup Ready soya whether they like it or not”

Ann Foster, spokesperson for Monsanto UK, as quoted in “The Nation”, December 27, 1999 issue.

Consumers that assemble in front of Whole Foods stores to fight for GMO disclosure on food labels should realize that their fight takes place in a sand pit, compared to the global threat that Monsanto poses, to withhold Food from you altogether. They are in effect wagging the Dog with its tail. They should keep in mind that GMO is the most powerful strategic weapon in the New World Order arsenal and has been pursued over a long time. Bilderberg and CFR member Henry Kissinger said it out loud in 1970:

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people; control money and you control the world.”  

With Monsanto, Fascism in the US reached unprecedented heights: “…governments have occasionally hired a person who – at some point in his or her career – worked at Monsanto…” – euphemism at its best. Well let’s just pick a few contenders in the long list of Washington’s revolving doors: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas worked previously as attorney at Monsanto. In his tenure as Supreme Court Judge he ruled in favor of Monsanto and against the people every single time. Obama appointed Supreme Court Judge Elena Kagan also ruled in favor of Monsanto, even though as Solicitor General, Kagan was supposed to represent the interests of the American people in matters that came before the Supreme Court.

Obama appointed the notorious Michael Taylor, former V.P. at Monsanto and attorney for 7 years, as senior advisor to the FDA and as his Food Safety Czar. Monsanto’s chairman and CEO Robert B. Shapiro previously served as President’s advisory committee on Trade Policy and on the White House Domestic Policy Review of Industrial Innovation. Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law firm served as Monsanto Counsel. Democratic US Senator Dennis DeConcini acts as Monsanto legal counsel and Democratic US Congressman Toby Moffett is a Monsanto Consultant. That list goes on and on and you can find details here.

Ignoring vigorous opposition from the Organic Consumer Association, Organic Farmers and Activist groups, Obama appointed the staunch Monsanto ally Tom Vilsack as US Agricultural Secretary. Yes, the same Obama that still has to make good on his 2008 campaign promise to label GMO. Vilsack is parroting the same Hegelian false problem tune to justify his cause:

“I will tell you that the world is very concerned about the ever-increasing population of the globe and the capacity to be able to feed all of those people… I am just telling you what people are telling me. They are very concerned about this.”

Vilsack then quickly filled key positions at the USDA with Monsanto cronies and since then, the USDA has seized every opportunity to undermine the “USDA Organics” standard to rubble, so that consumers will view organically grown Food as inferior to GMO. In support of the USDA agenda, the FDA is frequently raiding organic farms at gunpoint for no reason other than intimidation, without search warrants, ransacking produce and equipment and harassing the farmers. Are these just a few acts of mistaken identity or overzealous officers?


This Farmer in Southern California invested his personal fortune on a diversity and sustainability Farm to non-profit teaching of Teachers and Students on how to grow Produce without chemicals. His Farm was raided by the FDA, one agent told him he was killing American people with his healthy food, and the School board requested him to obtain a mandatory – but non-existing License!

Not at all, these terrorizing acts are well planned and orchestrated: Catherine Bertini, Director of the UN World Food Program, said this at the Beijing Woman’s Conference (1995):

“Food is power. We use it to change behavior. Some may call that bribery. We do not apologize.”

Organic Produce is the nemesis of biotech engineered Frankenfood, thus it needs to go. But, here again the template is the Illuminati mantra: “the most effectual is a concealed mystery”, according to its founder. Again we have to look at the overall picture and the ultimate goal of the New World Order – One World Government. Some Billionaire Elitists are sick and tired of being surrounded by billions of useless Eaters and they don’t bother to obscure their talk. George Soros, Ted Turner and Bill Gates have publicly said that their goal is population reduction and they all have demonstrated that they put their money where their mouth is. The Gates Foundation bought a huge stash of Monsanto stock and is helping Monsanto infiltrate markets in poor African countries by fraudulently claiming that GMO’s can feed the world and reduce rural poverty with high-priced genetically modified seed varieties that purportedly increase yields, resist drought, and improve nutrition, claims that have all been debunked.

In pursuit of its agenda, Monsanto has been secretly buying up dozens of Seed companies, and it is already all but impossible to buy guaranteed non-hybrid seeds from any Seed company in the World. This, of course is entirely planned that way. There are no more non-GMO Foods in US supermarkets, other than a few items in the produce section. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is the Food companies lobby group that conspires with Monsanto in deceiving the consumer, and their products are global brands that everyone buys. Every packaged product in the US is corn based or soy based; including oils and sugars; and all the dairy and meat is from animals that were fed GMO. Not only is the GMO Food intentionally detrimental to sustained Health, but the glyphosate and other toxic chemicals that are used in growing GMO, all end up in the consumers organs. Glyphosate the active ingredient in Monsanto’s broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup, on which Monsanto’s GMO produce is growing.

Contrary to the Hegelian antithesis – the answer to the made-up problem (Food shortage) that the NWO biotech industry offered to rationalize their racket was: GMO uses less Herbicides, Pesticides and Fungicides! That has since proven to be contrary to facts and that is no coincidence, but wholly intentional as these toxins are supporting and accelerating the depopulation agenda:

“If you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.”

Norman Braksick, president of Monsanto’s Asgrow Seed Co., quoted in the Kansas City Star, March 7, 1994.


What’s Big Ag’s answer to the growing threat of Round-Up resistant superweeds? Creating an even deadlier GMO commodity crop that’s resistant to a more powerful herbicide, of course!

That’s what Dow (a biotech competitor of Monsanto) has done — created genetically-modified varieties of corn & soy that are resistant to 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (commonly known as 2,4-D), the chemical that makes up half of the infamous Agent Orange herbicide deployed during the Vietnam war. This toxin is linked to hormone imbalances, nervous system damage, reduced immunity, and reproductive problems. (Gina M. Solomon, M.D., M.P.H., UCSF April 2012). Therefore it is a foregone conclusion that with GMO, the planting grounds will be contaminated forever and the produce will harbor even more deadly toxins that end up and accumulate in the body in the future.

Now, how do we know that Monsanto is the de facto weapon choice of the NWO for reaching a One World Government? How is it that we rest in a coma like apathy while watching Monsanto destroying the planet with unfettered support of the White House, Capitol Hill and their counterparts in Australia, the UK, the EU and Canada? The answer becomes obvious when we know the Global players who coordinate their action at events such as the Bilderberg meeting in Copenhagen end of May 2014. The list of participant and their profiles can be found on the web 2014-bilderberg-annotated-members-list/ What springs out is the web of Rothschild cronies and the numerous systems agents or enablers. Notably there are many Media moguls in attendance, while Bilderberg observes a total Media blackout.

Again, the goals are: aggressive Population reduction and Total Global Control. One example of Henry Kissinger’s (1978) refrain

“U.S. policy toward the third world should be one of depopulation”                            

is being embodied by the Biotech giants partnering with the US government to coerce poor nations into dependency on GM crops, a fact that came to light through Wikileaks documents ( December 1, 2010). Monsanto had earlier tried to exploit the devastated Haiti agriculture, by donating hundreds of tons of GM seeds, which would have put the Haitian farmers at the mercy of Monsanto forever. ( June 7, 2010).

On the surface it may appear that the US suffered a crushing defeat in Iraq and that seems to be the case militarily and when it comes to not winning hearts and minds. But even with most troops gone home, the war continues, guns were replaced with Food and bullets with GMO Seeds. Before L. Paul Bremer left, he left behind 100 orders enacted. Order 81 contains the edicts (paragraphs 51 – 79) pertinent to agriculture. Order 81, while claiming otherwise, will actually subordinate Iraqi farmers to Monsanto’s GMO, and we know that means enslavement and extortion. The example of Iraq clearly demonstrates that our view of victory in war is clearly obsolete – but guns and bomb craters look more impressive on TV than empty store shelves. GMO gives the term chemical and biological warfare a whole new meaning!

In the 1970’s the US State Department had an Office for Population Affairs (OPA) and its officer in charge of Latin American Affairs, Thomas Ferguson said this:

            “There is a single theme behind all our work- we must reduce population levels”

“Either they [governments] do it our way, through nice clean methods or they will get the kind of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran, or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it.”

“So steps are taken. El Salvador is an example where our failure to lower population by simple means has created the basis for a national security crisis. The government of El Salvador failed to use our programs to lower their population. Now they get a civil war because of it…. There will be dislocation and food shortages. They still have too many people there.” (1981).

Now, let’s fast forward to June 10, 2014:

“U.S. Government Ties El Salvador Aid Package to Monsanto’s GMO Seeds”

The President of the El Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technologies (CESTA), Ricardo Navarro, has demanded that the U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte, stops pressurizing the Government of El Salvador to buy Monsanto’s GM seeds rather than non-GMO seeds from domestic suppliers….At the end of 2013 it was announced that without ‘specific’ economic and environmental policy reforms, the U.S. government would not provide El Salvador with $277 million in aid money through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)….The El Salvadoran Government’s ban on Glyphosate came amidst a mysterious kidney disease that is killing thousands of the region’s agricultural laborers….Over the last two years, the Center for Public Integrity has examined how a rare type of chronic kidney disease (CKDu) is killing thousands of agricultural workers along Central America’s Pacific Coast, as well as in Sri Lanka and India.

That begs the question: who is MCC? They portray themselves as a “Third World Development Agency” (read: population reduction agency) that is staffed and directed by career politicians and lawyers. The COB is John Kerry and the Board Administrator is USAID director Rajiv Shaw, a medical doctor in his 30s with a business degree and no previous government experience, was the agricultural programs director for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is on the board of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). Shah supervised Lawrence Kent, who had been the director of international programs at the Monsanto funded Danforth Center, and Monsanto vice president Robert Horsch, a scientist who led genetic engineering of plants at the seed giant.

Another board member is Michael Froman who was sworn in as the 11th United States Trade Representative (USTR) on June 21, 2013. As USTR, he is President Obama’s principal advisor, negotiator and spokesperson on international trade and investment issues. This is rather significant as we see the US government’s Depopulation and Total Control agenda merging with US biotech “We own the Food” interests. Key initiatives ongoing under Froman’s leadership are negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement in the Asia Pacific; the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP aka TAFTA) with the European Union; negotiation of agreements on services, information technology and trade facilitation at the World Trade Organization.

The TPP is a very contentious “Free Trade Agreement” between the US and Korea, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam – but has absolutely nothing to do with “Free Trade”, but rather, in this context, with the US being able to coerce these countries into accepting US GMO and toxic meat and dairy CAFO operations. Like the Bilderberg meetings, all the TPP meetings are held in total secrecy with media blackout, negotiations suffers from a serious lack of transparency, threatens to impose more stringent copyright without public input, and pressures foreign governments to adopt unbalanced laws. Neither the American public nor the citizens of any partnership country are allowed to see what is being negotiated. We only know about the TPP’s threats thanks to leaks – the public is not allowed to see the draft TPP text. Even members of Congress, after being denied the text for years, are now only provided limited access. Meanwhile, more than 600 official corporate “trade advisors” have special access. It is obvious that the TPP has been hijacked by global corporations and Monsanto stands to gain the most. Why? Because unlike in the US, where GMO is not labeled, tested or regulated – other countries insist on labeling GMO and restricting import of CAFO meat. With the TPP they will be forced to accept whatever poison Monsanto et al is forcing down the consumers throat and the consumer forfeit their right to know what’s in their food – just like in America! But Asian consumers would stage a huge revolt if they knew what’s in the offing, that’s why the secrecy is key; so by the time the consumer knows they have been deluded, it’s already too late, Monsanto owns the Food, fait accompli!

Let’s remember that the Illuminati instigated the TTP for their NWO goals, but in order to make it happen, they first had to invent the Hegelian problem (an ineffective WTO), to which they would then offer their TPP answer. Thus, the Hegelian Dialectics will continue for some while, but the Hegemony is in place already.

The European deal is much the same, as are the architects of the TTIP, plans to create an EU-US single market will allow corporations to sue governments using secretive panels, bypassing courts and parliaments. The Illuminati are popping champagne corks already, although the pseudo-negotiations center on some ridiculous false problems like the EU ban on chicken carcasses washed with chlorine, a controversial practice permitted in the US. For Andrea Merkel, this is the demonstration to the country that she is a tough negotiator.

However, to stay alert to the big picture we should not forget the birthplace of the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group, whose members were wreaking havoc in Europe relentlessly since their foundation. The European equivalent of the FDA – EFSA is notorious for its Anti-Supplements stance; Great Britain, which recently outlawed the sale of Healing Herbs, had been a staunch ally of the US GMO deceptive campaigns, and the dreaded Codex Alimentarius that wants to criminalize access to Health food and Supplements globally, was crafted by the German biotech giant Bayer. That is the same corporation that once ran Hitler’s concentration camps under the IG Farben guise. Bayer Cropscience is a purveyor of GMO’s and highly toxic ag-chemicals and its neonicotinoid seed treatment Imidaclopride has been implicated with the global Bee’s colony collapse disorder. Yes the dying of the Bee’s en masse is also not a coincident, because the decimation of these efficient pollinators reduces the natural Food production, creates a shortfall and hikes the prices. Monsanto then was quick to acquire the Beeologics, the largest Bee research firm. Monsanto plans to incorporate all the biological research that Beeologics has conducted over the years into its own programs for developing more GMO systems.


The Hegelian answer (TTIP) in response to the phony problem (WTO ineffective) was triggered through the loss of patience by the US corporate and political extortionist, over tardy approval of Monsanto’s GMO in the EU. So in 2006 the US resorted to the WTO to force acceleration in EU approval procedures for GM food imports. A US trade official described the outcome as “a significant milestone” in US efforts to have GM crops accepted in international trade; however there remained backlogs of up to a decade in the approval of imports of about 20 types of GM corn, cotton and soybean.

U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks reveal the Bush administration drew up ways to retaliate against Europe for refusing to use genetically modified seeds. In 2007, then-U.S. ambassador to France Craig Stapleton was concerned about France’s decision to ban cultivation of genetically modified corn produced by biotech giant Monsanto. He also warned that a new French environmental review standard could spread anti-biotech policy across Europe. The WikiLeaks cables also showed that many US diplomats are pushing GMO crops as a strategic government and commercial imperative. America even put pressure on the Pope’s advisers because of the vehement opposition from some Catholic bishops to GM foods in developing countries. Messages urged for the Pope to be lobbied to go public with his supposed support for the crops.

Since 1776 we have been told in no uncertain terms what will happen and over time it had been disclosed by words and action of Royalty, Politicians and Corporate Executives – how it will happen. The evil has been unfolding in our daily lives but we have failed to take notice – let alone taking action.

We have seen an exponential acceleration of promised embodiments and calls to action to reduce the World’s population. One prerequisite for the NWO was foretold and fulfilled: the cleansing of family values, Individual independence and Christianity, the replacement of the Creator with secular Humanism. That needed to happen in order to install the apathetic sheeple society that is clamoring for more government control, as it wants to be manipulated and controlled and blame their oppressors for their fate.

This society that dominates the Western World is worshipping money as their only god and their only value worth pursuing. They willingly eat whatever is being put before them and they are oblivious to the purpose of those Foods – made for them to get rid of the useless Eaters.

We have to ask, does History repeat itself? This situation is reminiscent of the rise of Hitler’s 3rd Reich. All the atrocities that were perpetrated on living Human beings during WW-II were described and predicted in Hitler’s manifest “Mein Kampf” 14 Years before the war started. Millions had read the book by then and no one stepped forward to stop the carnage.

Now, there may be still an opportunity for real activism, that is the opposite of being a sheeple, but if we miss it, we’ll soon reach the point of no return!



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